Saturday, November 19, 2016

Race crimes against whites are way up, yet we never hear about therm

The Hill: Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday condemned a rise in hate crimes against Muslims in America.
“These numbers should be deeply sobering for all Americans,” Lynch said in response to an FBI report that shows hate crimes against Muslim Americans rose 67 percent in 2015.
Overall, the FBI reported a 6 percent increase in hate crimes.
It reported 5,850 incidents but noted that many hate crimes go unreported and the number could be much higher. 
In fact, in California, anti-white bias is enshrined into law, Rednecks are legally abused in California, routinely denied rights granted to other citizens.  Its the law, it is Jerry Brown and Pelosi's mythical little brown proper around the world.  Then these two nuts wonder why the whole world is not in love with them mythical little brown people.  We cannot find them! They never existed.

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