Monday, November 21, 2016

Setting the thermostat

Humans will have to set the global temperature, eventually. Now, I suspect we would select the one we got, a bit hotter than 'normal', stormier on the coasts, but no real flooding yet. To which delusion shall we use to select 'normal'?  Normal to us industrial being is about 200 year average. That normal may work, unless some other aspect of climate uses a different step size, like the glacial cycle.  Then normal is about 2 deg F cooler, and we got ice down through most of Canada. Then there is a geological 'normal'.

But I am stuck in my delusion, I cannot help to think we got it just about right. I would be willing to test a half degree up, maybe, sort of side step over to the edge and take a look at he abyss.  But that is my second choice.   I know it is a delusion, I am not industrial man, I am holocene man, at least; and part ice age man.  My precision, my invented theory of operation cannot deal with a longer look back.

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