Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Should we negotiate, write a Tax Bot for the Swampers?

Sooner or later the trading pit contract will include a share of the graph cycles for government bot.

If this is true, then why not give them what they want up front, cycles on the graph and a useful tax bot?  It is no different than sales tax, it is a sales ax, all deals are cash.  Libertarians might say that Schumer and Hillary should write their own bot, like the rest of us.  But they gonna scream bloody hell if they don't get their bot up front. Do you want to spend eight years listening to Hillary shriek?

The job of Gbot is to scan the graph and prepare tax bills, but taxes thus will suffer timeout and cycle risk. But tax collectors suffer that anyway, so Gbot accumulates tax bills, then we have Ethereum enforce tax collection, they are a bit more fair. All traders see their tax liability,immediately, to specified precision.

We really can't stop them  anyway, sooner or later someone over there will figure out a simple python snippet.  And as long as our county sheriff's enforce Swamps Seizures, we are stuck.  The bots do not do our voting, we have the armed Federales at the sight with their flash sticks wanting their bot loaded.  The bots won't protect us from our map-proportioned vote.

I do not claim to be a socialist trader, but I keep proposing the Texas Currency Pit. You can trade the Texas peso right their at the Texas S&L pit, guaranteed maximum entropy channel stuffing.  Then the Texas government puts their takes taxes right in the contract, 1% sales tax.  The contract guarantees the cycle price drives the government accumulated bot error to 1%.  In this case, G has turned trading pit into a profit center, using its monopoly power. I make no guarantee that Texas democracy can generate fermion statistics,however, their sysyem may not support free entry and exit.

Free entry and exit

Thay means, in he kitchen for example, the knives end p in the front of the  drawer, The spatulas in the back.  That's the fermion switch, done almost without thought as you cook.  Governments with bunched up voting have the problem of inability to switch.  Like the Dallas pension system, or the corrupt Texas county prosecutors.  They stop free entry and exit, this jams the graph at the government central bot, and the Texas 1% share of bit error  gets very volatile. Like in Paul Romer's transportation model, the bus stations have to adapt now and then; the exact solution does not actually exist,.  We are always a theory under construction.

 The problem here is the nature of trading pits. Once politicians jam the graph, trading pits spawn until the price fixing is extinguished.

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