Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Silicon Valley is in their post delusion blues

They discovered the principle of government.  You cannot send a 1/35 Senator to the Swamp and expect your delusions will be protected.

Second, the Delusionals missed out on channel stuffing, Ethereum gets that business, they are in Europe. It is a multi-trillion dollar business on  the web, it is how the web will be managed, and Silicon Valley delusions no where on the scene.  They are not allowed to participate, all the  VC firms signed the Socialist pact on the government tax dollar. You cannot be welfare bums and innovators at the same time,

So why are some VCs bring up the issue of secession now? We had that debate, a California statewide debate, its done, over.  If you want self government California voters have set the terms, complete California secession or bow to the Swamp.  Do not like the terms? pay attention next time.

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