Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Silicon Valley Socialists are back in DC

The Hill: A coalition of major tech companies — including Google, Amazon and Apple — is calling on President-elect Donald Trump to appoint a Treasury undersecretary for technology.
Financial Innovation Now (FIN), which also includes PayPal and Intuit, is asking the Trump administration to appoint regulators and promote policies that will bolster the use of financial technology (FinTech) as it gains popularity and prominence.
And I am sure California's affirmative action appointee, Diane, is right by their side guaranteeing their wealth and intellectual property fakes.
What do they want?
They want Congress to control financials such that the 'letter_to_janet()' call is mandatory, and only their software can make the call.  Rednecks reject the fraud entirely and urge all voters to push for secure smart card.

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