Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Simple contract solution for spawning

If your pit boss is on the graph studying the price fixer, Then it is making buck; bit error is piling up.  Create the spawn condition on that:
A recognizable growth in pit boss digits requires a spawn.

The pit boss is making buck because it has a small set of wealthy traders left, paying  it to spot the price fixer.  The pit boss has to share the bet.  It simply spits out the excess bit error as singletons,up for bid, at the spawned sight.  The bit error flow should be the price fixer pattern, and the new site automatically takes on the task of "who dunnit".

Let me stop here a minute
When the pit boss spends inordinate cycles on te graph, it is hunting the price fixer, automatically. The traders work from a certain precision,they back off until the pit boss finds it.  So the pit boss, who essentially bets the current graph is finding all the innovation, the price fixer is elusive, its going to make buck. The traders know this, it is deflationary, on a neutral ownership contract.  The pit has to spawn, it is precision bound. Otherwise it will sit there at 9 bits of precision tracking every move of the price fixers.

What is the fixed point if left unspawned?
You get a four bit estimate of the government budget, an estimate constructed by a piece of python code arbitrating between Chuck Schumer and George Soros.  All three will share the 6% bit error.  And this snippet of python code becomes the third richest thing in he world.  This is true, at the observed fixed point, we know, we know who the bots are hunting. But it is impossible when priced, prices way to compressed to maintain the pits.

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