Saturday, November 26, 2016

So these hyperbolics

Way back at a distyant time, I was taking discrete points off the curve using that Fibbonici series with the first two numbers reversed.  I walked the discrete points  up until I was close to pi/2, and computed the residual tanh'' out to the limit.  That is clock, it is like the pit boss, it makes sure thew curve closes.  That number was basically the same as the residual quantum energy that showed up in charge in physics, the residual ripple; same number.

OK, we get it, that residual energy, in set terms, keeps the points to the left organized as independent groups of one more in dimensionality. N is organized in groups of N+1,  There is an integral theorem that expresses this with Newtonian grammar.  In the vacuum it is subtle, in the atom clouds we would expect a very small conditional dependency by five group.  It means those bubbles, rarely come together, asynchronously,in five group and slightly re-orient.  This maintains a subtle 'grid' in the vacuum, like the snap too grid one.  Both spin and anti-spin are off the graph, the clock is one.  The operating point has suddenly releaded the bubble combinations so more hits , or aliasing, with the clock happens.  The researchers, in their effort to isolate the effect, create is by making the environment quiescent.   All the vacuum bubble, within  nothing to do, just clock in five space. This is all trading pit.

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