Saturday, November 19, 2016

Take for instance the Black Congressional Caucus

Don't use that name. You should know how to do it.  Just hang with and discuss issues with people of a certain color, once in a while; so what, fine and dandy, nothing wrong.

But whatever you do, do not announce that a race based institution is ensconced in the legislature, and you are a member.  All it gets you is unvoted in America.

It is like Sotomayor.  She don't like Due Process cases, then decline to hear them.  Do not accept a due process claim, then dismiss it because you don't like due process.  You just validated it by hearing the case and then you get selected the day the Supremes catch your blunder and over rule you.  Just because you were affirmative action selected does not mean you have to be an ignorant judge.

Live with racism, a little bit is fun, and not the horrible nightmare we all think.  I lived with anti-redneck, anti-white racism all my life, it simply becomes humorous  more than anything. Like laughing my ass off when Jerry proposed Jim Crow schools for the little brown people.  I mean, that stuff is hilarious.

Like calling Hillary a dingbat, just to get everyone's goad, but Justice White is a dingbat also, and Biden is all of a three year old child. It is all fun, but every so often we re-quantize the graph, and a bunch of delusions get shattered.

I tell stories about being racist toward my black acquaintances, hey, I live with these people, who cares, its not like I discriminate, I have already given them a very cheap lease, much cheaper than any gang of Kanosians could do.

Barbara Boxer is another screwy, as compared to Feinstein.  Diane always faked it, like she knew what she was doing, even though she was a 1/35 of an affirmative action ambassador.  But Babs, what a nut. She introduces a bill to abolish the electoral vote, ending a career in which  she bitched her way through the affirmative action organization called the Cal Dems. She was unable to think through all the consequences. And she comes from Martin county, a nest of political pension thieves! Yet cannot keep her mouth shut, keep quiet stay out of the fray we know what you are.

The racism used to rig the graph is the one we worry about. 

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