Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teaching California teachers about Magic Walrus

LA Times: During his final debate against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump bemoaned the state of America’s schools.
“Our inner cities are a disaster,” he said. “They have no education.”
It was a sweeping statement, unaccompanied by a solution.
But if the president-elect’s education plans haven’t been spelled out in detail, he has given some broad indications.
He has said he might eliminate or scale back the U.S. Department of Education. He wants to create a new school voucher program, support home-schooling, beef up childcare subsidies

So instead of this fuzzy warm walrus, bonehead teachers will be entering their 15th year of education volatility, pension spiking, and turmoil in the classroom.

The fact that Cal teachers cannot detect their own delusions on federal education spending  makes them too incompetent to teach.

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