Saturday, November 12, 2016

That will be eight years of Republican Yuge Deficit Run Government

Have yuu even known a Republican who didn't love big government? Ron Paul was Republican in name only, but otherwise,

Look at Paul Ryan, the eight trillion dollar deficit maniac under Bush, the man who caused the great recession, intends to do it again.

Every Texas Republican plans to, run up a huge deficit then threaten secession.
Which drunken Republican flew he last helicopter? Nixon.
Which Republican grew the deficit? All of them.

How will Texas deal with New York's share of the goodies?   Folks, this is a desperate Republican Yawker, all the old worn out NYC elite, all of them plan the great heist..

Haven't seen this ballgame,
Two huge welfare bums queued up to borrow money in some urine invested back alley in NYC, courtesy of the taxpayer?  Trump will fit right in.

Wait, who is going to cover the interest payments? Oh, yea, Caliufornia.  I guess it is payback for California since they attempted to privite free worldwide healthcare and  charge Texas.

How often have bonehead elites grouped themselves around some delusion and caused havoc?  Every eight years, mostly.

Seriously, in the proper frame work, a python snippet will constantly report the truth, a 24 hour fact checker.

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