Saturday, November 5, 2016

The ad blocker pit boss

We simplify Zuckerberg's task, we create the ad coin, it is a coin that results in the immediate display of an ad on your screen when fulfilled.  The pricing is inverted.

The user wants to check his text messages, in the modern era.  Zuckerberg's got them. So the user goes to ad blocker, first, to pay inverted prices for Ad Coins.  When he has enough to satisfy Zucfkerberg, he can go get his text.

Most ads are price inverted, except mine, text users love my ad. It shows me selling a $500 box to Zuckerberg for a million.

the call would be:

for ads in the_pit(select_short_one,arg_tuple) :
 if Zuckerberg() not happy() : continue_looking()

The last call reflects that scanning and selecting is different from trading. Once a trade is put in the pits, you are at bit error risk. You cannot scan the pit, and expect your scan to be static when you trade.  The situation in the pit is fluid, the bid/ask always have to do through the quantization and annihilation process.  Traders and the pit boss have an enforceable contract concerning the disposition of the bit error.

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