Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The big state information asymmetry, again

Here in Fresno, a million people. In my part of town I know 25 or so 25-35 year olds, known them for ten years. Small, biased sample size, college kids, mostly.

Every four years they get excited about the national elections, so excited about the nationals that they forgot to look at the local measures.  They have been borrowing like mad to build schools, unknowingly.  With little understanding of the bribery path between developers and board members, they really do not read for comprehension . All their reading skills absorbed in the philosophies of some inconsequential DC politicians.

But of the 25, only one child has been born.   They don't understand that they did this, and no, California is not getting an explosion of Nancy;s little brown, poor people.  What California is planning for is grandma and the kids getting a free education while mommy and daddy are back home working, in a different tax system,.

We know what these kids will saying four years, "Wait, why are you taxing me for someone else's goodies!" And the answer, for them right now, is they agreed to it, their signature is on the inknpaper.

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