Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Bitcoin niche

India Embraces BitcoinOf course, another alternative to the Indian population is through the digital currency, bitcoin.
With the demonetization announcement, reports have come in that bitcoin sales have increased across several exchanges in recent weeks while Internet searches in India for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘buy bitcoin’ have also increased in popularity.
Thus, demonstrating that the country is actively seeking alternative measures in the digital currency.
This can only be a good thing for bitcoin as more countries eventually turn to it.
The Bitcoin network is optimum for sudden and rapid international exchange when governments jam up.  That is enough for a savings and loan, very low flow but the S&L would make space for the occasional jammed government. A Bitcoin S&L justifies the development of trading pit.

Train your pit boss on the last ten years of Bitcoin prices, build the Huffman coder.  Then release that with the implied rates set high for loans and low for deposits, keep bit error minimized.. Folks can drtop some coin on the longer shot, when th next government will jam up, and bingo, some government jams and rates implicitly set ex post, you win some digits.

We get a one bit segmentation of the Bitcoin flow, those who borrow suddenly on a government jam and those who saved up for it. The pit boss would make bits on a jam and rerlerads bits when the jsm is over.  Like a shock absorber.

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