Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The black bots

The ones that steal data and e mails, they run  their own pit.
They do not just, wake up one day, steal and run.  No, they measure the users sequences on the web and files.  Once they get the theory of operation they channel stuff, sneak in and grab a goodie when you leave a bit of space in the channel.  Then, when you do IO, hey will send a letter to their mommy, sneak it in your IO sequence.

Ther entire web will be run ythis way, bots free to run.  But they pay a cycle price in the pit.

Nothing in Silicon Valley works in this model.  The current model is that bandwidth is free, and certain groups who let their bots in first gobble up the graph space.  A lot of the viruses ate released by virus hunters, I am sure, it is free money.

But tyhe economy needs the channel space to run, so time in the pit is priced, and there is nothing valuable around except that it got priced in yhe pit.  The pits guarantee the precision measure is accurate on probability data.

The smart phones will not cut the mustard.  Smart phones are all built on grabbing as much of the bandwidth first. The pits add such extraordinary efficiency that no one is going to stop and constantly worry about some crank phone call.  No, consumers will jump on the smart card, and I think CardLogix is going to win.  I see there site, they are watching this. ,They make sure they have the tools as soon as we understand the mechanism.  Tim Cook is off doing goggles.

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