Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The good Father Shanley is a bit confused

Father Brian Shanley, president of Providence college explaining why professors should not criticize safe places:
When a professor questions the value of diversity, the impact on many students, faculty, and staff of color is to feel that their presence is not valued and that they are not welcome at Providence College. I have heard from many students about the pain that this causes. When student activists are described as “narcissists,” they understandably feel demeaned and dismissed.

Redneck College Safe and Diverse program:

Let me explain how we do it at Redneck college.  First we are big on  diversity, we need enough Asians to help us with calculus and physics; then we have to have a quota of Blacks for the basket ball team, and help us with sport betting.  But, I am sorry, no jazz, it is all bluegrass in the music department. If you are a Black musician with jazz desire, then you  need to fill out form 1.71 for diversity waiver.

Otherwise, as long as the beer is cheap, go ahead, and be a diverse and safe as you want.

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