Monday, November 28, 2016

The question rermains, how can we invest in the North East

It really was New York's turn at the slop hole.  For 40 years it has been California or Texas.

How can the North East appear investable to us Southwest folks?

How would we deal with the mal-functioning Illinois system? And what if DeBlowsio butts in all the time.  Texans don't like unions, California can barely afford them, Illinois  is ruled by them.

If we screw it up then the collapse happens sooner, normal economics suffers distortion.  And we have the pain of the California legislature, none too bright; not to mention the Texas style county corruption.  The odds are against any massive resource transfer working.  How many club med California politicians ate going back to NY and check on our investment? None, that is how many.

California is at risk, we have to house the nation's homeless if the aggregate frigs up.

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