Monday, November 7, 2016

The Swamp plans to outlaw our source code

If you read through the Matt Levine article, you find out about traders giving up their software to government officials.  This  is how bizarre they get back there.  They will be looking specifically for pit bosses that do any kind of maximum entropy bid/ask matching.  They will have one exception, for Zuckerberg, he gets grandfathered so he can still keep our ext, until we pay up.

Buy instead, look what happen.  The bots ho hunting.  They have the e mails, the who is who of the plot, they know how the foundation works, they know about Bloomberg and the Wall Street welfare bums.  The bots know Janet's balance sheet, the bots know they can move all sorts of virtual coins arounf]d Janet and the Magic Walrus.

People like Trump because he is an honest, Yawker delusional; Texas can deal with that kind if nut.  But, Hillary will causer us to unleash trading pits and bots world wide, always on the search to hedge and out price the Yawkers, it is a war NYC does not want.  The average voter in NYC, will see his vote net present valued, very rapidly, a second after the city pit boss opens betting.  The Hillary crowd will not save the Senate insiders and Wall street bums. Look at the news, the bots are way beyond any Hillary plot.

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