Monday, November 28, 2016

This would never pass Due Process back east

  • A federal judge’s decision to disclose the complete records of an estimated 10 million California public schoolchildren to a private plaintiff raises serious concerns about privacy and digital security.
  • A simple two-part framework can help the judiciary properly balance affected parties’ privacy interests and cybersecurity concerns against the need for trial discovery. First, the court should protect privacy by limiting the exposure of sensitive and superfluous information. Second, once the court has decided which sensitive data to expose, it must act to protect those data.
  • These strategies will not prevent all data spills, but they will raise the awareness and protective diligence of all the concerned parties.
See California's problem? We have no legal  model that even prevents genocide, except for the drag of federal courts.  Franciscan Divinity is alive and well, and Californians might be doomed under secession.

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