Thursday, November 10, 2016

Those voters in the queue

A few posts back, someone shows the usual  eclectic bunch voting,.
What is the voting protocol in California?

Well, inform your boss you are visiting grandma and the kids in California.  Then fly out, put away your voter ID card, and pull out your Legal Illegal Alienship California card. Tri-citizens. Bonafide in their home country and California, but ambiguous to the US Federales.

But it is the voting protocol that is funny.  At home, you show it, in California you unshow it; just remember that for you dual citizens

 I showed a photo ID, They were quite nervous, I violated the protocol. We have strict voting laws in California.

How would they vote?

Well, grandma and the kids don;t work, the kids are in school.  Mom and dad pay yaxes ay homer. So, certainly, votr for socialism in California, and Trump in DC. Your home firm has to do business with the US, afterall.

That explains the mystery.

Why have all the 30 year olds in my home town voted to build all those class rooms? They had one child among the 20, and that came to one child per classroom,  It seemed they as if they just notched those corrupt school bonds as a matter of habit, for years.

Fixed point test:
See, it failed the fixed point test. We all know the six year old kid, I mean, in person. I can go over two blocks and see the fellow, I know he mom. Go ask him whether he wants a classroom of his own or a pony.  I ask, I get perplexed eyes, like no one noticed the issue.

Nah, it the overseas immigrants with grandma and their kids at home in California. The youngsters in town certainly would buy the little tyke a pony, but they are making payments on classrooms they never voted for.

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