Monday, November 14, 2016

The New regime, as pit boss

Here is what Repubs are facing.

A 150 billion/yr interest payment increase is bubbling up the pit.  The pit is finite, bets have to be pressed, the graph semi-ordered.  That means a bunch of these small red states will have their federal discretionary budgets shoved down into noise.

The pit boss has a control, a price fixer, the US Senate where about 30 of these small states have power.  Sometime, real soon, like in one quarter, if not now, the Senate will be jammed, stopped.

Fixed point?

When the news showed pictures of Paul Ryan smiling. Check it out, the market has priced Paul Ryan, he cost $150 billion a year to taxpayers.

Think about it a moment.  A Yawker Goodie Grabber in the White House, and Paul Ryan smiling.  Look at that map, they have yo flip streams around the eight largest economy in the world, and this Yawker has no idea. But those streams have maps in the stock and bond market, there does exist a semi-ordered probability tree, and it cannot exist except that it can re-quantize. Hence, the 150 B surcharge we immediately received.

Adding to the fun of requants

We have a census in three years! And what a shock that is for the NorthEast, and heir retirement condos in Florida.  You have a US House controlled by three SunBelts, the Senate controlled by 30 Tiny's.  The conditions an your 'clock', the pit boss; it will be permanently jammed.

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