Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Understanding our precarious position

What happened to Hillary? She goes near a digital device and the internet gets jammed with spy bots.  She is a known price fixer. Like the retail executives who sneak a peek, the bots are already watching him, he is a probable price fixer Or the vendors trying to set up trading pits near the NYSE.  The trading systrm is simply enforcing fermion statistics match the bosons, it is not denying the right of price fixing, but it enforces sufficient entry and exit of price fixers.

But fortunately, that is the correct process, that is exactly what Facebook bots do, stuff the channel. We need to make viruses a free market, essentially.  So government is precarious,if they claim they will play fair, run the graph like the rest of us. If that claim is enforceable,  then the bots will immediately spawn the Chuck Schumer betting site.  It is the ultimate Marxian contradiction.

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