Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We can do Singularity 1.0

Let the trading pits spawn and unspawn as necessary, autonomously.  Everyone tapping their cards, Mostly we would have most of the relevant financial information. No person could do relatively better then to just let their card run amber and autonomously. It takes on the mathematics function of sharing the bit error, makse light work because the pits themselves are fermion.

Up to us.

But there are residual issues with how humans sell time. The pit does sell bids for terms, though that can be a fulfillment.  The bot just fills the channel, and forces all bid/ask marked to market rather instantly. Your are free to sell time fulfillments, but the sharp bots will be constructing the yield curve from sequences and their variances, then synchronizing that curve to the rotations.  They will hedge standard time, pick up pennies.

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