Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wealthy people make their own coins

You can sell them at a premium, because younhave deep pocket, and you can make them worl, today, on line in the trading pits., SorosCoins, good as gold, just like smart card peer to peer coins.  So, you know: Pit.coin = SorosCoin; Pit.boss = StandardS&L

The python layout makes everything straight forward, and we only need five or six basic pit boss codes to run most of the economy. Shall we bet? A thousand lines of pit boss code and virtual coins, plural.  Free entry and exit, transactions cost near zero, automatic aggregation of hardware networks.

A thousand line of python runs the US economy?  Hmm...

I jest.  What I really mean is a few lines of code that do intelligent queue management by probability of arrival.  The thing arriving is can be decomposed into singleton bid/ask with value scalars.  Computation of the value scalars is ad hoc, and less than 50 lines of code.

Realistic? Sure is, look at SQL optimizers, same amount of code.  It is nothing but containing the deranged in a box and they self organize by queue adjustment.  I mean, how much of the economy is managed by SQL database  A huge chunk.

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