Thursday, November 24, 2016

When Sotomayor meet Magic Walrus we get Obama declarations of law

There is one and only one G.
Commandment one in the Book of Walrus.

Hence, once elected, that G dtermines the law, if we do not like it we them out.

But, that system works in small democracies, where voter response is swift.  The  voter response is two steps and eight years away for Obama. Then votes just break Obama's law in the here and now, no need to wait for elections.

So, by the time Sotomayot and Obama make 'shit up', we, on the edges, have already done the counter 'make shit up'./  Sotomayor courts already are jammed in  Texas, Obamacare was jammed years ago as soon as Obama looked away.  The same is happening to the Yawkers, they are well into the ';make shit up ' phase. We all know it, even his supporters.  We were all hedged a long time ago.

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