Saturday, November 26, 2016

Working the previous post as relativity

Not tha I am an expeert, but let's look at it.

We havr yhe supposition that light is closely, and over determined estimate in a 3 curl world.  So, in relativity, when anomolies are found, we find density, we need another term to meet Ito.

Now, do it exactly like that, except, assume that straight is actually curved, relative to the fifth dimension. So, in the lab, at the scale of spin and photons, with careful measurement, we can pick off the points when spacetime is really straighter, straighter to the fifth degree.  There should be a relatively adjustment in which light is less determined, its probability graoh exposes a short path, unknown.What we get is an unknown quantum field, an unbservable segmentation of events into unique sets of five/. So to get back to normal, the five sets, we estimated as sets of three; like converting to a three bit system. We find our inverse Einstein,  everything looks naturally curved and we remain delusional about straight.

All of this atre ideas taken from tyhat paper on emergent spacetime, and that author gets the Nobel.

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