Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Xi Ping Pong is listening

Cheap Androids, not the Samsung spectaculars. 
Business Insider: You read that correctly: A newly-discovered piece of software running in an unknown number of Android phones is reportedly sending a variety of private user information directly to Chinese servers every 72 hours. The software, created by a Chinese firm named Shanghai Adups Technology Company, is said to be in hundreds of millions of devices — it's not clear how many of those devices are in the US, or how many users are affected.
The news comes from a report Tuesday morning in the New York Times — a security firm named Kryptowire identified the malicious software, and said it does more than just archive/collect your text messages (though it also does that).
Apparently the software collects "the full contents of text messages, contact lists, call logs, location information and other data," and then sends that data to a Chinese server. US officials told the NYT that it's unclear whether the software was being as a means to collect user data for advertising or as a means of intelligence collection.
Which brings up a valid point, no can have smart phone cash, won't work if writing to Ping Pong is mandatory.   So  dufas Commie Rat thinks he can sneak this in.

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