Friday, December 30, 2016

American voters rejected California

The American Public Against Trump
PRINCETON – The United States, supposedly the world’s beacon of democracy, is practicing a strange form of it nowadays. One presidential candidate won nearly three million more votes than her opponent, who, with a big assist from a hostile foreign power, was nonetheless declared the winner. Anywhere else on earth, such an event would be called a coup d’état. Here in the US, we call it the Electoral College.
This is Alan Binder, lifetime  member  of the Magic Walrus,  He fails to note that that the American and Russian voters think California should be booted becuse we are ignorant ass little brown believers in the Franciscan Divinity,  Rule by divinity is rejected in America. 

If I recall, it was the Supreme court that let anyone participate, and Jerry Brown's decision to let anyone vote. And we discovered the disgust with California is world wide.

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