Sunday, December 25, 2016

Autotraders to meet in Silicon Valley

Trading Show West Coast 2017

Amazon should be in the speaker list, but I didn't see them.  Given their share of cloud business, they are the likely place for the pits.  

Nor do I see WalMart, on of the biggest data miners around, and they have the most to gain on endpoint security, but a no show..  There is three times the cloud business in retail trading then in wealth trading. Both are being merged.
Three topics dominant

  • Flexible trading platforms with fair pit boss and smart trade book
  • New python platforms for trading bots
  • End point risk pricing and security
What about bitcoin?

The future of bitcoin is in this conference.  Bitcoins, as they are, will trade just fine  with the technology these folks have.  Bitcoin may get stuck in a transaction size times probability trap, but it will be a very lucrative trap if bitcoin goes trading with these folks.

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