Thursday, December 15, 2016

Barry says we ain't learnt nothing

Barry Ritholtz, wealth manager:

Popularism is slowly being revealed as a farce, a grift of the uneducated, low information voter, coopted to vote in many ways against their own interests. This includes women, minorities, medicaid consumers, Obamacare subscribers.The lack of understanding by the population, the failure of sitting President to emphasize accomplishments, and a talented reality TV star willing to say ANYTHING set up the perfect grift for the ignorant poor.
Did Barry tell his clients that we do this switch every eight years?  Perhaps, Barry looked at a Fred chart, noted the periodicity of the blue bars, and computed n 85% probability of the big switch. Does Barry even understand why we switch?

No, he bit into the Magic Walrus horse manure, thought the Euler gods would come and subdivide as necessary to smoothly go where no wealth manager had gone before.  Then blames someone else when the delusion pops.

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