Friday, December 16, 2016

But Jamie, your bank is part of the rate fixing system

 So, you know what future rates are because the Swamp budget is not balanced until you figure out how much cash your clients can come up with.  Schumer determines what the small states can take in interest expense charges, do the math, place your bets, pass the budget.

The problem here is that we can compute, without much doubt, that slinging Congressional debt cannot be a complete market, and the wholesale amount of debt means there is three color flow control going on.

You are not rich by intelligence, Jimie, its the law, the law a sure as written by our not really proportional representatives, behind our back.  That taints your money technology,that gives the bots permission to create necessary secure digits as needed. No more letters to daddy and your tax dollar depreciates.

It is not enough to say, its OK, because some basket weaving MIT goofs told you so, no, that won't work anymore.

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