Saturday, December 10, 2016

But my secret friend is a mainstream economist

This is the lament we hear from the losing side this election.  There should not have been any choice, voters always approve the candidate with the 'best secret mainstream economist'

The losing side thinks its a cultural war, how silly.  The were two issues, number one; California does not get to rule another four years.  Two: we either rebuild the Northwest or we cut it out of the union.

It is simply time for te Southwest to do a deal with the Swampers of New York, or break up the union. The alternative would be for the SouthWest to absorb their entire dying economy.

Not a new issue

This has been the ongoing 'economic theory' over 250 years of our history, how you reconcile regional dispersion. In the Constitution, the civil war, the revolutionary war, Federalist papers, etc etc etc.  The issue never went away, what happened is somewhere in the early 70s, Kaanosians decided American history was irrelevant, as long as they had a secret mainstream economists in their heads.

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