Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coin 2.0, the hard wallet, has a following in spite of

Hard wallet technology mimics the magnetic stripe to hold multiple credit cards, of the traditional type. Physically, it is almost just like a credit card.

I was reading some Amazon reviews on hard wallets that have sold.   I find that Coin 2.0 does have interface issues.    It needed an update to handle one class of the data, type 2,or something.  And  still, sometimes not useable. Fair issues. But it still had advocates, consumers who just dug the concept of a pure cash device, in their hands with full encryption capabilities, and it mimics the credit card.

Hard wallets need near field wireless, not wave reflection, or magnetic.  Timmy was right about this. That becomes a point of sale issue, and do not bother me, just hope the folks in that industry have sense.  It seems to me a $100 adapter at the existing POS should do the trick. The good sense here is that the POS industry as not foreclosed that possibility.

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