Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dark pools and the trading pit

Financial Magnates: Eurex Global Securities (EGS), a European-based provider of dark pool trading platforms, has signed an exclusive agreement with DKG Group to take on its existing trading venues that don’t publish pre-trade price and volume information. 
 DKG’s entry into the market comes just as the European Union is changing the rules of trading in the dark. Europe’s regulators have drafted new regulations, which come into effect in January 2017, requiring all EU trading venues to post pre-trade bid and offer prices and trading volumes. Eurex Global offers clients private share trading or commonly referred to dark pool trading. 
Through its Eurex Global Trading Platform (EGTP), the larger trades and orders are prioritized by the matching algorithm allowing investors to privately buy and sell block portfolios to other investors. The benefit of this is that it ensures investors get the greatest returns, higher than with a normal stock exchange without public awareness. Unlike stock exchanges, dark pools are not accessible by the investing public. The primary advantage of dark pool trading is that it gives investors the opportunity to place orders and make trades without publicly announcing their intentions until the sale has been executed. This prevents the heavy price devaluation which would otherwise occur.
The standard exchange re rigged.  So dark pools  trade outside the rigged systems. 

Redneck trading pits solve the problem, the pits are not rigged.  They are operated in guaranteed fair fashion, unless prior agreement with the pit boss says otherwise.  The prior agreement is a set of rules operational for the autonomous trading bots, they can trade accordingly.

Orders your now, send me my normal fee and I will go round up the python and Intel folks who have all the technology in place.  Delivery in six months, I will do it right here, from my blog, in the wide open.
More words.
Do youhave enough accumulated bit error to change the current price? If not, the checkout counter goes empty or jams.  Ludwig meant the queuing model, he didn't have the science back in the olden days.

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