Sunday, December 4, 2016

de Blowsio horse manure

Officials are conducting an urgent review of the billions of dollars that New York City receives each year from the federal government to identify the streams of money that may be most at risk once President-elect Donald J. Trump takes office.
Mr. Trump, a Republican, has threatened to punish cities that defy his efforts to deport undocumented immigrants, and there is also concern that the Republican-controlled Congress may seek to slash longstanding aid programs.
 Here is their money:

Taxpayers must pick up a $722 million tab over the next three years to replenish the city’s cash-strapped municipal employee pension system.
The additional costs are documented in an updated city financial plan released last night by Mayor Bill de Blasio and calls for taxpayer contributions to the system increasing by $120 million next fiscal year, $241 million in fiscal 2019 and $361 million in fiscal 2010. they are looking for:
Yawkers have voted to send their money elsewhere,  mainly Florida. 

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