Saturday, December 10, 2016

Great for the bots

Software-defined wide area networks have become a profitable cloud-based opportunity for the channel, according to a panel of solution providers.
The solution providers, who spoke to an audience of their peers and their vendor partners on Wednesday at the NexGen Cloud Conference and Expo, said software-defined wide area networking, or SD-WAN, comes in a variety of solutions suitable for customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises.
Panel moderator Khali Henderson, senior partner of Buzz Theory Strategies and a member of the board of directors of the Technology Channel Association, said the WAN value chain is evolving away from traditional routers and switches and towards service providers bringing networking to clients.

The bots don't have a destination so much. They hop digits around with trading pits.  When the bots are jammed in the network, you unjam them with a price compressing trading pit, and intelligent buffer.  The real routing is when the trade is made and something needs delivering.

So, when a stream of bots is heading to the pit and gets jammed on the way, the router has to spawn a trading pit, a duplicate, let them trade on the spot. This is a network adaptation problem, the router actually creates and deletes network nodes. . Cisco ain't done this, I ain't done this,

We went over this once, when our  site is jammed up with some attack, throw another pit out there and raise your entry price a half cent. The new model is different. If a smart card authorizes some activity, then it is by definition acceptable activity, price it.

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