Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hardware wallets are great

Bitcoin News: With bitcoin price increasing at a rapid rate and investors rushing in to purchase the digital currency, Jonas Schnelli, a Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of minimalist bitcoin hardware wallet Digital Bitbox, cautioned users to rely on proper bitcoin storage methods.One basic practice which bitcoin users must always implement is preventing the usage of custodial wallet platforms. That means users should avoid using bitcoin wallet platforms or exchanges which allow third party service providers to hold user funds and bitcoin for the user. If users store bitcoin in a trusted environment, upon potential cases of hacking attacks and data breaches, user funds can be stolen.Thus, at all times, users must develop a habit of storing bitcoin on non-custodial wallets, cold storage and hardware wallets. If possible, for security purposes, cold storage and hardware wallets are recommended to users that hold substantially large amounts of bitcoin.

Hardware Wallets, Cold Storage
Hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, and Schnellli’s own Digital Bitbox are perfect alternatives to web or mobile-based wallet platforms. Trezor is the most widely utilized hardware
The new generation wallet can safely auto trade  in the secure trading pits. Need I mention that Redneck has the best pit technology in the market?  

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