Monday, December 12, 2016

Horse manure from Lockheed

Thompson [an analyst]  argued that the F-35, a single program that will provide new planes for the Air Force, Marines, and Navy despite the staggering price tag, was actually a smart move.
"If we had tried to replace aging Cold-War era planes with separate aircraft for each service, it would have cost much, much more." He estimated it could have cost up to four times as much to produce three different planes for each service instead of just one.
While the F-35 program dealt with cost and time overruns during development, the issues likely owed as much to the ambition of the project as to mismanagement by defense officials. 
Horse manure.  The F35 is a direct threat to the military, because we cannot afford it.  That makes thr military brass as stupid as a turnip, they should have known the risk, it is a national securioy risk, we are going bankrupt.  The military missed that, they missed the Al Queda problem, and they encourage our idiotic House of representatives to declare war about every week or so.  Pure idiocy, the only solution to the risk is to disband the union and Lockheed can start over.   

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