Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How can Trump kick can

Let's say Trumpster got a clue about the plot for him to take the fall. He decides to kick can,how can he do that?

Well, first he has to say definitely no to state pension bailouts. Any hint of a bailout and Congress is jammed.
Second, add a 10%  co-payment fee, cash, for any Obamacare procedures,then grin and bear part of the costs for another year while figuring it out. Sates or non-profits can eat the co-payment by whatever means they choose.
Third, no tax cut, leave it as it is for a year.

Finally, there is the payoff to the North East.  Trump earned that by being the patsy, we gotta pay.  Texans have no complaint, they have nver produced a good president, and neither has California. So the Southwest has to pay up for being idiots, and everyone has to pay their own pension bills.

The Southwest should payout the energy transfer, to partially equalize weather, a 5% energy cost transfer.  via sustained differential energy tax. Sort of payment for riding horses and wearing funny wigs in the cold cold north.

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