Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How cute, block chain already exists

We are into the cycle where patent trolls try to rob us of our existing freedom. So the idiots in Silicon Valley who want rights to patent the obvious are now going to get themselves locked out, and they can thank the dummy Diane Feinstein for not getting it.

The most prominent example [patent application] is an application in which Goldman Sachs seeks a patent for “processing financial transactions using a … distributed ledger … [to] store a portion of the ledger corresponding to a respective asset” — in other words, using blockchain tools to settle transactions.

Coinbase is trying to patent something about distributing keys, a subject and technology that is wide open, and already exists at CartdLogix.   I watch these things, patents are a horrible mess and the general rule is to put something in code, postmark it or publish it.  Then when the patents sheriff comes to take your house, you can say you were using the code designed before the patent. Finally, make it fre. If there is no revenue stream, the patent sheriff in the Swamp is out of luck.

But, because I watch this shit, we will get pure cash, in spite of every attempt by Silicon Valley to preserve their socialist guarantees.

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