Friday, December 2, 2016

How many Smart Cards per person?

Not sure. I would think each person has to emit in serial fashion, we would prohibit the idea of someone operating multiple identities in the pit.
If the card is the trading identity, and each human attaches to one card only; then security is much simpler.  Making high speed cards for web sites is easy. Buy, if we attach a person one to one with the card, we have given a big concession to government, and we might move the singularity along a bit faster; without either government or wealth pressing the scales.

The worst outcome is w are too liberal in he first batch of encrypting microprocessors. So, we get the fab up and running, and Soros comes in and buys the first one million chips.  We are stuck, forced to hard fork the guy/.  It is a tricky issue, because the trading pits likely can price up the cycle cost and equalize out any parallel advantage. But I hae to be in the worst case scenario, it would be like Soros owns the voting machine.

The solution might be two things, a banker consortium backs the standard, and hey have an accessible technical team that can work worth chip vendors.  The bankers can be free to license, up to a finite point.  Let the bankers recover costs and gain some by cooperating with the standard.

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