Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I know Lockheed and the fighter industry

The F35 problem is not the air frame, except maybe VTOL. And Lockheed has adapted to technology and the dispersed software problem.

So, they have the air frame, fly by wire, and the 'asynchronous bus' working. The pilots can take their flight computers, plug it into the bus and collect test information as they fly by wire.

What is missing is the war data center, the mass of asynchronous computers and weapons, none of which are concerned with flight. But they are all supposed to talk to each other, and autonomously manage war against the Commies.  We are confused. We use old terms, we think the plane isn't working; no, its the dispersed data center the plane carries around with it. Reconfiguring for an F18 may or may not help in some things, but it does not solve the data center problem.
What isd with the data center?
Dunno, would have to look.  But I am lookin at howanyofthe subsystem endorsteststheir device.  If a vendor is producing a specialize radar pod, then the vendor has it workin in the lab, likely testing it against software in a standard PC. A simple model.  Slow deployment of the F35, and increasing test and adjust, we call it.  Let the vendors take their PCs up in the plane, with their pods and test hem over the bus. There is no rush to upgrade, if there is a specific derployment that id simple, tested and workable, the fund that separately.

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