Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I like the Bitcoin opcode system

I just discovered it, this stuff is fun. They have aet of limited range instructions hey carry, and this tells the, trading pit is the term here really, but these opcodes give the pit boss some simple requests about being put on the queue.  I guess hey can set service price and priority.

But it is a safe set, designed to take small steps in a limited sand box, and well tested and verified.  This is something we might think of as a possible software interface for tiny apps that live on the card. The card, then, in exchanged, might have some special instructions regarding the selection of coin, or adjustment to balance sheet, or operations in the red/green spectrum, add certain purchases into a special account.  It is a bit dangerous, but, if hack proof,it is a great way for off card and on card software to cooperate in auto trades.  And this slight programability is great for the crypto cops looking for hackers, that protects us.  Thids programability is akin to programming the old TI and HP calculators. I vote to include it in smart card, especially if bitcoin uses it.

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