Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I would call that peer review

Pamela Engel of Business Insider reports on some confirmation of the emergent gravity theory.
"Usually we explain this gravity by assuming that each galaxy has a dark matter cloud of a certain mass," she said. "This time we also compared our data to the new theory of gravity by Erik Verlinde."Brouwer said Verlinde's equations could explain gravity's distribution "without introducing any free parameters or invisible particles." Translation: No dark matter required.But the 22 authors of that study (none of whom include Verlinde) are careful to point out that dark matter is far from a dead idea."Although [emergent gravity's] performance is remarkable, this study is only a first step," they wrote. "Further advancements on both the theoretical framework and observational tests of EG are needed before it can be considered a fully developed and solidly tested theory."
Verlinde worked the problem in reverse, first letting the natural entropy of volume filling quantization settle,then derive  a space/time surface that is makes a separates quants smoothly. Good work, you got mostly confirmed, your Nobel Banana is in the mail.

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