Saturday, December 3, 2016

Illinois lawmakers don't get paid

The impasse has hit lawmakers' pocketbooks as well. They haven't received a paycheck since August, and that was for May. The delay is due to outgoing Republican Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger's April move to make lawmakers get in line with the other social service agencies and small businesses that the state owes what's now $10.3 billion in unpaid bills.
On Friday, a group of House Democratic lawmakers sued, asking a judge to require the comptroller to pay the salaries that have been withheld, issue their paychecks on the last day of each month as set in law and maybe give them some back-pay interest.
Asked about the suit, Rauner offered a response not unlike the frustration felt by many Illinois residents about the sinking status of their state government: "Wow. Good grief.
So, citizens are better off with no agreement because any agreement means paying the fools their back pay.  Plus, any agreement is an agreement to pay the 10 billion in overdue bills, which Illinois voter wants that?

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