Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just last year

These are small numbers, except the North East, but they are typical, and typical of people moving from the north to the south, moving from European trade to Pacific trade, and moving to the trilateral trade of the South West and booming, government induced retirement industry in the South East..

So, you see, what do we do about the North East, and more importantly, if the Northeast cannot govern itself, then California would surely flounder on its own.

So, you tell me.   The claim is that the remainder outside the NE should rebuild the place.  Trump's claim  is that wealth stuffing works best, as opposed to pension stuffing. You tell me.

I am of mixed feelings, as I pity the crew back there during winter.  How about this, a small 4% weather tax.  To each according to his cold, from each according to his sun, with allowance for those according to their drought, excepting when those according to their hurricane.

But, seriously, the blizzard winds back there? They should get a slight energy transfer. It's is price fixing, ok, but we know it. Texas likes that, subsidize the colder regions at the expense of Callifornia and Forida.  California will accept it. That gives the yanks a fair deal, they are on their own.

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