Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kevin Drum, you need a control group

Kevin claims he has proof of somthing because voters have conflicting views:

So we have two people who figured Trump was just blathering because, come on, what kind of person would take away people's insurance? And we have one person who is upset because her Obamacare insurance costs more than the insurance she got when she worked for the public school system. We can complain about this all we want, but that's the reality out there.
So then the discussion gets into the issue of the genetic superiority of Liberals vs Rednecks.

But there is no control group.  A lot of people want American great again, rather thn a cartoon version of a nurturing nanny.  You have to check the health care conflicts with the other conflicts, it means nothing otherwise.   Without a control you have no judge, you just end up with your idiot identity politics, which always devolve into racism.

For example, perhaps the folks in Kentucky decided that a vote for Hillary is a vote to bail out California public pensions, that fear hangs around quite a bit.

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