Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let's make the Amazon S&L, regulation free

Taking a liking to Jeff, and so let us make his plan reality.

Jeff needs standard S&L with fair pit boss, but can run this under Amazon coin, a discount coin for Amazon purchases,but otherwise is tradeable. Amazon will simply publish discount prics on products, allow customers of Amazon Pay to 'check out' discount points. Keep them ni a personal wallet, or keep the on deposit at Amazon S&L.  Amazon promises a loose four bit precision on athes between savings and loans, and will compress. Thus Amazon Pay borrowers are subject to semi random partial recall, they have adjustable rates and terms. But, given Amazon;s warehouse capability, they can set delivery events at will, and thus have free use of discount point pricing, outside of the pit.  Customers would love the company, and demand Jeff deliver each and every human being one of those Amazon secure smart cards.

Regulation free, except for anti-trust.  Amazon customers would rebel if government tried to stop the operation.

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