Monday, December 26, 2016

Let's peek at the central banker's book

A good enough proxy, the sequence of deposit and loan events. When the red line is above the blue, (net)  rates were too high in the past.  When below, (net) rates were too low in the past.

The build up in bit error wants to zero out, and we can see that now, rates were too low in he recent past. And this course of action will continue until the biggest member banks reveals the out comes of the 2.4 T debt.

It is a double entry accounting system, and damn accurate.  Texas is still due to pay up for the savings and loan disaster under Reagan, (but often blamed on Carter).  Whatever, the accounts have Texas due to pay, and the bill is up to a couple of trillion.

Economists fail to realize the timelines in their fake time sequencer, it is decades, 50 years is a memory for the accounting system. Oddly, it is an understandable error because betting on time motivates the system to manipulate time. Farmers have flexibility, increase harvest this year and snooker the Swamp next year; and us city folks have even more flexibility.

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