Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Look at the prices brokers pay for trading pits

PFSOFT, the developer of one of the most powerful platforms on the market – Protrader – is waiving its startup license fee of $150,000, the company shared exclusively with Finance Magnates.
 The firm is aiming to shift its B2B line pricing model towards a more flexible structure. Instead of the initial licensing fee, the company is going to continue charging its B2B clients a flat monthly fee depending on their needs. 
Clients of PFSOFT will be able to use the Protrader Multi-Asset brokerage platform in a more flexible way. Different products will come with different setup fees, but a standard retail trading brokerage that is offering basic FX and CFDs will be paying about $5,000 per month. The fee will cover two servers, one connection to a liquidity provider or an aggregator and one front end platform – desktop, mobile or web. The total charges will depend on the specific setup that a broker needs in order to satisfy the needs of its clients.
Just send me the check in advance, I might do  some work.

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