Friday, December 2, 2016

Many of the double voters likely voted for Trump

Statistics on the illegal voting from a report in NRO:
Noncitizen Voting Has Not Been ‘Debunked’
In criticizing Donald Trump’s unsupported claim that millions of noncitizens swung the popular vote, the media have gone too far in the other direction, dismissing legitimate — albeit merely suggestive — evidence that significant noncitizen voting does occur in American elections. Take the much-discussed study [pdf] by Jesse Richman, Gulshan Chattha, and David Earnest, published in the journal Electoral Studies. Based on a national survey, the authors found that a small percentage of noncitizens do report voting — roughly 6 percent in 2008 — and that their votes might be enough to affect very close elections, such as the Minnesota Senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman.
Trump's claim, unverified, is not baseless, as we all know.   And I watched the Obama interview, he did indeed say, just vote and worry about citizenship later.  Nancy and the Dems did indeed go to our courts to remove verification requirements,and they did indeed blame is on Black stupidity.  And, certainly, identity politics is a code word for racism, and the Dems never left the philosophy, never in their history.

These are not undocumented voters, most of them have valid voter ID cards from heir home nation, and vote there.  But in California, the likely outcome would have been more votes for Trump, as many unverified voters where wealthy foreign home  owners.

The message is simple, when Dems act like friggen idiots from another century, they likely are.

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